Monday, February 26, 2007

I am back!

I am sure all of you have been eagerly anticipating my return to the blogging scene right?


Anyhoo, the last couple weeks have been really crazy, and it has been difficult to keep up. Through it all, I know God is working on my heart and on my mind, making me more like him. I don't always get all the answers right, but I continue to work on loving people.

It does get easier.

Did you guys like the missionaries? I think they were fantastic and I would like to hear your input on it as well.

I will check you guys later!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Single Greatest Gift

Bill Hybels has done some great work in the Christian community, and his most recent book, Just Walk Across the Room, is a great tool to equip Christians to become effective followers of Christ. At Higher Calling, we are going to study this book and its cirriculum so we can be more intentional about sharing our stories with other people.

Sharing Jesus with someone is not about having the most Bible knowledge, it isn't about having an extensive knowledge of Christian apologetics or all the answers to life's most difficult challenges, and it certainly isn't about following a certain formula or guideline. I believe in a God who shatters all of our best laid plans and can never be kept in a box. I believe that Christians must reach out to the world around them because Jesus was the one who first reached out to us.

Think about that for a minute. Jesus was perfectly secure in the ultimate comfort zone of heaven, free from any unfulfilled wants or needs. He was in perfect relationship with himself and was being worshipped by all the angels. He chose to leave that place of comfort to reach out a hand to those of us on earth who were busy wrecking our lives. He chose to take a risk and leave his comfort zone so we could experience his love and eternal life.

Shouldn't followers of Christ do the same? How much do you care for a world in need? Do you care more about your comfort than seeing people come into a relationship with Jesus. We must be intentional in our pursuits of friendships with people who are far from God because the natural inclination is to have more Christian friends the longer we are Christians. We must never stop reaching out!

I encourage you to buy the Just Walk book and small group guide and come to one of our small groups. It will change the way you view outreach!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Just Walk Across the Room

What could be accomplished in the world if people decided to care for each other more than their own personal comfort?

Listen guys and gals, we all have our own comfort zones; people and places, attitudes and ways of life that are familiar and easy.

I want to encourage you to dream bigger than you ever have before. Be a part of something that is bigger than yourself. Leave your comfort zone, what my dad would call our "band of mediocrity," and do something in your life that counts for eternity. We can all have an impact on our world, and when we move together we can change the course of human history in a very real way.

Let's change the world together, one person at a time. More details to follow.