Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zachary Pittman: In His Own Words.

Recently I was watching a cable news channel and a commercial ran for a show called, "Barack Obama: In His Own Words." It was a recap of the presidential campaign and his first year in office to see if he has followed through on what he had promised. As I watched this commercial, I had a variety of thoughts. First, I thought that show should be used for all politicians! How long do you think the average person in office would stay in power if they had shows like that one run about their careers every year?

Then I wondered what would happen if someone made a show like that about my life. How would my actions measure up to my words? That is when I got a little nervous. I realized it is much easier to see the hypocrisy in others than in your own life. Our ability to be self aware is the driving force of integrity. If we aren't willing to own up to our short comings, we won't ever experience the type of growth necessary to become the type of people God uses to change the world.

You may not ever have a nationally televised show dedicated to checking to see if your actions match up to your words, but you can live a life of honor and integrity by matching your deeds to your words.

Our Homes of Honor series is meant to help us do just that. I think everyone wants to be able to say their home reflects their belief in God. This series will equip you with the knowledge to build a home that brings honor to God. I hope you can be there. Class starts on Wednesday night here at the church at 7 pm. I hope to see you there!