Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our Deepest Needs Met

The world can get so overwhelming at times.

Sometimes it is hard to just keep my head above water.

It is easy to fall into despair and doubt, but there must be something more going on than what I see day to day. What is it?

What is humanity's deepest need? We can live for almost a month without food. We can live almost a week without water. The best of us can go without oxygen for almost ten minutes! (think David Blaine..) It seems to me these things are essential, but they are NOT the most essential. I believe our deepest need is to


We all need to be a part of something. Together. With people. It is in these moments we are truely alive; and it is when we are seperated from people that we begin to waste away.

Studies show that loneliness and isolation can be more dangerous to a person's health than obesity and stress. Ever heard of solitary confinement? So many people put themselves in voluntary cells of loneliness.

You were not mean to live in isolation. You were not meant to be alone! I think so many times church is thought of as a place where people come to be reminded of how they screwed up. What a tragedy.

I believe the church is the hope the world needs. I believe church is a place where people can BELONG and be accepted. At Higher Calling, we don't just say we love you; we are willing to prove it! Are you willing to find acceptance now? Even if you have never darkened the door of a church before, it is never too late to belong to our community of faith that shows love and spreads hope. We are here to support you, and God has always been waiting with open arms to accept you.

Come experience a place where your deepest needs for relationship and love can be met. Come and experience authentic community as we pursue God's purposes in our lives. Welcome home!

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