Friday, March 21, 2008

God on Trial

Jesus has decided to go through with his mission. He has chosen to take on the cup of suffering. Soon after, a large group of armed men came through the garden. Judas was with them, and he greeted Jesus with a kiss on the cheek. This kiss signaled to the soldiers that Jesus was the one they were after.

Judas betrayed his Creator with a kiss. After that, the entire story erupts into chaos. Peter attacks one of the soldiers, slicing off his ear with a sword. Jesus scolds him and heals the ear. The men lead Jesus away, and the disciples run away. Jesus is alone to meet his fate.

Over the night, Jesus will endure multiple trials. These were highly illegal under Jewish law for many reasons, including the fact they were held at night. It was of no concern to the Jewish authority who wanted Jesus dead. Witnesses were brought in to condemn the only faultless person on the planet. They were fools, contradicting themselves and embarrassing the leaders who put them there. Jesus was off the hook! He was silent against his idiotic accusers, and had completely avoided any implication of wrongdoing.

Completely at a loss for what to do, the High Priest confronts Jesus directly. "Are you the Christ?" he said, "The Son of the Blessed One?" Jesus had been silent to this point, but he affirms the identity credited to him. Jesus said, "I am, and you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven." Jesus had just told the truth, and confirmed his identity, and the High Priest condemned him for blasphemy. By speaking, Jesus had sealed his fate, and a death sentence from the Jewish leaders was assured.

However, the Jewish leaders were not allowed to put someone to death without consulting the Roman authority, the real political rulers of the area. Jesus had another court date, but this one would have to wait for dawn.

Jesus was thrown into a cell to await his next appointment. On Friday morning, the Roman government would make its judgment on God.

Jesus had been awake since Thursday morning, he had been through severe emotional stress, and now he had been subject to the violence of the guards who mocked and beat him. It would have been enough to break most men.

How much more can one man take?

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