Thursday, December 10, 2009

How Quickly Things Change

Am I the only one that thinks this Christmas season is flying by? By the time you read this, Christmas will likely be only 2 weeks away. The home stretch of 2009 is here and it seems like I was trying to get a tan (and failing) and scheduling tee times a couple days ago. Of course, in Indiana that is closer to the truth than not, isn't it?
Things change so quickly. The transition from shorts to pants in our city can happen in an afternoon, and if you don't make it your life could be in danger with -15 degree windchill at night! Our lives can change just as suddenly, for better or for worse.

A lot of you have asked me about this Tiger Woods drama that has been going on since many of you know I have been a golfer for quite some time and was a big fan of his. I don't want to add the the contrived outrage coming from many in our society, but I do think there is one important lesson we can learn from Tiger's very public mistake. In some respects, watching what has happened to Tiger recently is enough to send a person into a depression.

I mean, if this guy can't be happy, then who can? Tiger Woods hit every single marker the world sets for happiness and fulfillment. He is the best in the world at what he does, probably the best ever, he is rich beyond belief, he is married and has a beautiful family. To all outside observers, his life was perfect and fulfilled. We now know it wasn't. He was searching for something in his life that his fame and money could not provide, and could never provide.

So when are you going to give up the idea that the things of this world will make you happy? You may end up very successful someday, but I doubt you will bank as much as Tiger has and will. Sorry to disappoint! Success doesn't satisfy. Maybe there is more to fulfillment than what the world tells us. Maybe it is time for you to stop settling for a life of success and move to finding a life of significance. This comes from giving your life away to a cause greater than yourself, and there is no higher calling than the family of God, the church. Service results in significance. This Christmas, if your holiday bonus (or lack of one, in this economy) affects your happiness more than your loved ones or your purpose in life, it's time to reset your priorities.

Live a life of significance today. Because things change so quickly.


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